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Alzaeem subscription service consists of eleven different channels that cover a variaty of topics and provide the users with the latest news at the moment.

To subscribe please send an empty message to the Short Code 811111.

  • Channel 1: The Football Channel.

    It mainly covers all the games and matches of the "Al Hilal Team" and the Saudi teams on all levels. It provides highlights and full coverage for each match .

  • Channel 2: The Match Schedule Channel.

    It provides a daily schedule of every match that is taking place locally or internationally with the exact time and channels covering the event.

  • Channel 3: The Other Sports Channel.

    It deals with most of the other sports other than football.

  • Channel 4: The European and International Football Channel.

    This channel covers all the international football and mainly the european leagues as the English, Italian, French, German, and Spanish. It also deals with all the tournaments as Champions League, Euro 2008 and EUFA cup on all levels.

  • Channel 5: The News Channel.

    This Channel covers the news of the Al Hilal Team.

  • Channel 6: The Economic Channel.

    This Economic channel is for the economic and business content.

  • Channel 7: The Pictures and the Content Channel.

    For all the people who love to have the picture of there favourite player, team or best goal...this channel is what you are looking for.

  • Channel 8: The Forum Channel.

    For the people who love to have nice discussions about Al Hilal or any related topics, this channel can keep you posted with the best topics in the Alzaeem Forum and the best discsussions taking place.

  • Channel 9: The Local and Political news Channel.

    This channel is for the local news about what is going on in Saudi Arabia.

  • Channel 10: The Saudi League Channel.

    It provides a full coverage of the Saudi league, all the matches and the scores of each match so users wont miss anaything

  • Channel 11: The Islamic Channel.

    This channel is to provide daily islamic advices, quotations and preaching from the holly profits (PBUH) and Islamic scholars.
For any questions, requests, ideas or opinions please feel free to contact us on this email at any time.