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My back up

My Backup is a mobile solution that mitigates the risk of losing mobile phone information, as well as an extended storage for mobile devices. My backup is a mobile solution that allows ALJAWAL users to easily store and recover the information that relies on their mobile phones or PDA - contacts, calendar, tasks, SMS, MMS, Ringtones, Configurations Bookmarks, Images, etc...

Everyday more information is stored on mobile phones, and there isn't an easy to use and practical solution to guarantee the safety of that information. In addition, the majority of mobile users rarely connect their devices to their personal computer, so they are unable to backup their data. For most mobile users, losing their data means losing track of their professional contacts, friends and beloved ones and makes them disoriented and deeply distressed.

My Backup has a monthly subscription fee of 5 Saudi Riyals.
To subscribe, please send "My Backup" to 85555.
To unsubscribe, please send the Cancel to 85555.
To recover your password, please send the word Password to 85555.

When to use My Backup service?
  • ALJAWAL user wants to store his mobile personal information within a trusted entity (assuring security and privacy).

  • ALJAWAL user buys a new mobile phone and wants to save his/her contact list and SMSs on the new device in a simple and convenient way.

  • ALJAWAL user wants to download a new game but has no space left on the device. So he will backup existing games or items through 'My Backup' service and then download the new game, knowing that at anytime he can recover the stored information.

  • Whenever ALJAWAL user has his mobile out of reach or usage (battery empty, forgotten mobile, etc...), he can use his friend's device to get the data from his personal Backup.
My Backup online manual

Phones with Client support (Nokia N-series, Nokia E-series, ...)
  • Requesting the service
  • Downloading My Backup application
  • Configuring My Backup application
  • Using My Backup application
Phones with SyncML support (SonyEricsson K800i, Nokia 6230i, ...)
  • Requesting the service
  • Downloading My Backup configuration
  • Additional configuration for Nokia phones
  • Running My Backup server synchronization
For more information about the service and subscription instruction,
please visit